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CES 2012: Rubens Saintel Interview with Line2 CEO, Peter Sisson

I was able to catch up with the CEO of Line2 Peter Sisson. We had a in-depth conversation about the future of the VOIP app on all platforms. What is next for the company and how it compares to other companies our there with similar services.

Peter Sisson is a telecom geek disrupting mobile communications by using social, calendar, and location information to make calls more productive and lifestyle-friendly. Line2 is Peter’s 4th company. His last company, Teleo, was acquired by Microsoft in 2005.

Peter Sisson, CEO of Line2 (also known as Toktumi), is an entrepreneur and VoIP pioneer. He has been on the forefront of the Internet industry for 15 years, starting four companies and nurturing many others through advisory roles.  He was named one of the top 10 “people to watch” by CNET, and won the Arthur Anderson Best Practices Award for Strategic Leadership with


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